We provide numerous services which are not limited only to defining security policies, configuration of services, deploying equipment, etc. Instead, we get ourselves involved into developing our own applications, and actual implementation of security policies. Some of the services offered are:-

Security Policy Definition And Implementation

Every computer or network connected to the Internet must have a defined security policy, which must be implemented at all levels. We can examine your network, assess your requirements, and then define and implement a security policy as per your needs.

Security Audit

Yes, even if you have a defined and implemented security policy and you think that you need to test and audit your security profiles, we can sure be of any help.

Intrusion Detection and Forensic Analysis

So you think that your computers have been compromised and intruded, and you need help to confirm this and find more about it. We can surely help you for this and sometimes perform forensic analysis to isolate the source of intrusion.

Applications Development

We can develop a custom security application as per your requirements if you have such a need.


We believe that maintaining and implementing security is a combined effort. From network administrator to end user, everyone has a role to play. This can best be done by education. At this time, we offer training services for the following:

For fee and more description, please visit our training page.