Research & Development

Our major ongoing research project is the development of a packet sniffer. A packet sniffer is a program that gets a complete copy of every packet sent and received by a host connected to the Internet. Packet sniffers are low level tools which find numerous applications in network security including firewalls and intrusion detection systems. When run in promiscuous mode, packet sniffers may also be used to monitor traffic of the entire network.


IPgrab is an open source packet sniffer originally authored by Mike Borella. IPGRAB can decode a large number of protocols and can sniff packets in promiscuous mode. It is also distributed with Debian Linux. You can visit the sourceforge project page here and download it here.

CHASE | Conference on Hacking And Security

Conference On Hacking And SEcurity i.e. CHASE is a non-profit making event sponsored by ESecurity. This event took place first time in 2006. This will inshallah will be an annual event providing for a platform for hackers and security professionals. For more details about CHASE, please visit its website: